What Our Clients Have to Say

“Thank you for your testimonials.” – Richard Weissfeld

“Richard Weissfeld provided legal counsel for me related to negotiations regarding joint property ownership and creation of agreements related to that property and estate planning.I found him to be very professional, engaging, a good listener, fair, and caring counsel. He was able to negotiate an agreement between me and my partner that we both accepted and without the need for further legal action.I would highly recommend him for those interested in family law, estate planning and/or personal injury.”

Norm Olshansky

“Richard is experienced, knowledgeable, straightforward and most importantly, ethical. Divorce is difficult and clients are vulnerable. Richard is reassuring but does not sell a client false promises based on their fears and fantasies. He clearly communicates the applicable laws and develops a coherent strategy so cases are settled fairly and as quickly as possible. He helped me move forward and create a new life with minimal grief and without breaking the bank. He is an A+ in every way.”
Lisa White, LCSW

“I have known Richard Weissfeld for over 40 years and have used his professional services in both business and personal matters. My experience in all cases has been a standard of exceptional performance and services. He is highly regarded in our community by his professional colleagues as well as his clients.”
Irwin P.